From "The Manatee": NB to be devastated by comet impact, Canadians indifferent

This story that was recently posted to the satirical blog, The Manatee, involved quite a bit of research to make sure the science was close to being correct.  I used Purdue University's Impact Earth calculator and a couple of other similar tools to dream up the near-perfect scenario for wiping out New Brunswick.  Then, I asked the question if we could save everyone's lives but the whole province was still wiped out, how would people react? ;-)

From "The Manatee": Frenchy’s to take over NB Target stores

My latest satirical contribution to The Manatee was inspired by a recent shopping visit to our family's favourite store.

From "The Manatee": NB teachers sick of students, thankful for March Break

My latest satirical contribution to The Manatee is March Break inspired.  Who likes it more - the kids or the teachers?

From "The Manatee": Snowbound MLAs devolve Legislature into lawless state of nature

Here's my latest contribution to the satirical magazine, The Manatee, inspired by the relentless snow we've been getting this winter - .

From The Manatee - "Fitch says premier irresponsible, dreamy"

I've taken a break from blogging for a while now, but I recently volunteered as a contributor to the NB-themed satirical news site, The Manatee.  Here is my first story, posted on February 16 - .

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