Converting a blog from Drupal to WordPress

UntitledI’m still a huge fan of the Drupal content management system, and think it’s one of the most powerful and versatile open-source programs that exists today. But for a simple blog, for me it’s become a $5 solution to a 5¢ problem, and frankly it was causing more problems than it solved. I felt a bit stuck because migration seemed like a gigantic deal. But, it wasn’t; here’s how I did it.

Untitled20When I decided to move to WordPress, I scoured dozens of links looking for methods to migrate – both simple and complex – and kept coming back to one place.  This article outlined a simple set of queries that transported Drupal data very cleanly into a new WordPress site.  One would have to be comfortable executing SQL in a Query Manager, but that’s not too hard to do for someone with basic database skills.  It looked a little too good to be true to me, but surprisingly these queries covered all of the bases and successfully imported years of data on the first try with no issues at all.  Talk about impressive!

Check it out for yourself –


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