Balancing risk versus reward

frackingarticle2This week I had a commentary published by the CBC NB web site as part of their “Fractured Future” series on shale gas exploration in New Brunswick.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The experience of Penobsquis residents serves as a useful case study as we judge how well the provincial government will protect citizens.

“The premier tells us that we will have the toughest regulations in North America to ensure that the resource can be extracted safely.

“However, I sincerely doubt that citizens of Penobsquis feel that the government is standing up for them in their conflict with industry. Can we truly count on government to protect us if something goes wrong at one or more of the well pads?…

“For me, the key consideration around fracking boils down to a question of risk… Opponents do not seem to want to take any environmental risks for the purposes of gaining new revenue for the provincial coffers, creating employment and fostering prosperity. If the resource just remained buried in the Carboniferous Maritimes Basin in perpetuity, they wouldn’t be fussed at all.”

The link to the essay is here –

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