Listen to live local radio on your BlackBerry with Yourmuze.FM

Update: April 5, 2010 – “” was recently rebranded “Yourmuze.FM”. I just did a search and replace of “Moodio” to “Yourmuze” to update this blog entry. While the Blackberry screenshots below are now out of date, all of the information below still correct. Also, CBC now offers streaming MP3; even so, I usually still use Yourmuze to stream it to my phone over 3G. Hit me up on Twitter at @shawnrouse if you have any questions.

I felt a bit left out lately when CBC introduced a new iPhone application, which lets iPhone owners listen to live CBC Radio. It works great for iPod Touch too, but only if you are in range of an open Wi-fi access point. For users like me who own a BlackBerry, no love (for now, I heard a rumour that an app is coming soon).

Not satisfied with that answer, I scoured the web looking for a BlackBerry app that could play the live CBC radio ASX/ASF streams. After hours of searching, I couldn’t find any app (either free or commercial) that filled the bill. But, I did finally get pointed towards a web site called

Yourmuze’s web site says:

“Yourmuze.FM gives you the freedom to enjoy any internet radio stream anywhere you go. Simply add your favourite radio stations to your personal “My Stations” list and you’re ready to listen to them on your mobile. Sign up and try. It’s free! Enjoy!
Using Yourmuze.FM is very simple:

1. Create an account.
2. Add your favourite radio stations to your “My Stations” list.
3. Browse to on your mobile phone, log in and listen to one of your favourite stations.”

The site.

“Well, this sounds too easy”, I’m thinking, “and even if this works there’s no way they’d have my stations on there.” Well, I’m glad to say I was wrong. It’s super-easy, works great and it had my local CBC station in Saint John! I followed the instructions and created an account. Then, I navigated to a screen where I picked my stations. I picked my CBC Saint John feed, and 97.3 The Wave.

I found my two favourite local stations amongst the vast selection in no time at all.

I switched to my BlackBerry, and using the BlackBerry Browser I surfed to the mobile site specified by Yourmuze – I logged in using the credentials that I set up on the web, and I was presented with my radio choices.

The Yourmuze mobile site, before and after login.

I clicked on the link for “CBC Radio One Saint John”, and the BlackBerry Media Player opens. The next part a bit odd – you hear a ringing sound, like you are calling someone on the phone. This is Moodio’s quirky way of telling you that you are connecting (yes, seriously). No worries, it’s harmless. (Yourmuze.FM now no longer plays this ringback OGG.) Within a few seconds, you’ll start to hear your local radio station streaming live.

BlackBerry Media Player streaming live, local radio from CBC in Saint John.

Presto! Local radio on your BlackBerry. One word of caution: Take heed of this warning on the Yourmuze site:
“Please be aware that listening to radio on the internet means you will be downloading a lot of (audio) data. If you don’t have a ‘flat fee’ or ‘unlimited download’ subscription with your mobile operator, this can become very expensive.”