UXV Combatant warship made for drone battles (!!!)

“Here’s the UXV Combatant, a new class of warship being developed by BAE Systems to fight in the drone wars. BAE believes that the future battlefield will be full of intelligent robots fighting against each other, probably until they realize they can join together to eliminate all humans from Earth.

“The ship looks and specs, expected to enter service past 2020, look terrifying:
The 8,000-tonne carrier is designed “to launch, operate and recover large numbers of small unmanned vehicles for extended periods” that will operate in land, sea and air.”

Source: Gizmodo

Apple announces iPod Touch: iPhone without the phone

“Today, Apple introduced the iPod Touch. It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone part, and without the
speakers and built-in microphone. $299 buys you an 8GB sytem, complete
with all the iPhone-like touchy goodness you’ve come to know and want.
$399 buys you a 16 GB model with the same embarrassing name.

“The iTouch includes built-in WiFi so you can use Safari and YouTube
on-the-go as well as make purchases from the iTunes Store.”

Source: TUAW

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