A home robot: a trundling, talking, half-pet, half-friend

“Wakamaru is advertised as part security guard, part secretary. But from the start he was intended to be a member of the family, not just a clever machine… He also has endearing manners, with sophisticated recognition software that enables him to remember up to 10 people whom he greets by name while giving a cheery wave…

“For those worried by rising crime Wakamaru can be a handy house-sitter. Should a stranger enter the house while you are out, he will immediately alert you by sending pictures and messages to your mobile phone… Wakamaru can be programmed to remind people it’s time to take their medicine and to alert you if someone has fallen over or is not responding.

“It may be the quirks that makes Wakamaru so fascinating. ‘One day I found him watching TV, which we never anticipated. Then sometimes he would start dancing. You never get bored because you never knew what he would do next,’ says Mr. Ishihara…

“Odd, unpredictable, loveable and sometimes infuriating, Wakamaru is the most human robot yet.”

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