Microsoft says that only 3% of Xbox 360s are defective

Click on the pic to see the demolition video“Joystiq is reporting that despite the buzz surrounding defective Xbox 360s, Microsoft claims that only 3% of the units sold have been faulty, which is below the industry average. Assuming that Microsoft’s numbers are accurate, it would seem that all the online drama about melting boxs and deadly error messages can likely be attributed to the fact that early adopters tend to be outspoken in forums and don’t represent the general public.

In other 360 news, analyst P.J. McNealy speculates that between 300,000 and 400,000 of the consoles have been sold so far, and MS would have ‘sold another million if they could have. They just don’t have them.’ So to wrap things up, the 360 probably works right, but it’s a moot point ’cause the only way you’ll get to play one is at Wal-Mart.”

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When building demolition using explosives goes awry

Click on the pic to see the demolition video“What was supposed to be a simple implosion turned out to be a bit of a blunder. The Zip Feed Mill destruction is not over.

“The building is still standing after a scheduled set of blasts on the east part of the structure failed to topple the structure. The building tilted to the east and dropped about thirty feet before stopping where it sits now.

“Henry Carlson Project Manager Eric Schuler says. ‘The building sat down into the basement.’

“Schuler says crews will attempt to finish the demolition Monday with more conventional methods. Wrecking balls will be used to finish the job.”

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