Fredericton-area farmer hosts a huge tomato fight

“A Fredericton-area farmer with a field full of unmarketable tomatoes will host Canada’s first-ever mass tomato fight on Saturday.

“About 100,000 kg of overripe tomatoes will be grabbed, smashed, hurled in a span of two hours. And there’s no need to worry about food going to waste, said organizers.

“‘Because of crop cycles, I won’t be able to harvest this field of tomatoes so why not put it to good use. It would just go to waste otherwise,’ said farmer Buzz Harvey.

“Harvey said he got the idea to hold the Great Canadian Tomato Fight from impromptu fights he and his workers have had over the years on the farm. The ball really got rolling when he heard about the annual tomato toss in Bunol, Spain, the biggest food fight in the world.”

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