A new folk version of “Baby Got Back”

“This week is a cover of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot (note: he is not an actual knight). Had to activate the whole team for this one – guitar, mandolin, banjo and even some shakers and tambourines and other things lying around the house. I’ve wanted to cover this song for a long time, because it is excellent – there’s a wonderful message in there for those of you who have big butts. In the proud tradition of many white Americans who came before me I hereby steal and white-ify this thick and juicy piece of black culture. Watch for my album ‘Jonathan Coulton Sings Songs by Black People.’

“Here is the song: link

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With pressure and perseverance, pumpkins do fly

“CULPEPER, Va., Oct. 14 — There once was a time when Ray Tolson thought the sport of ‘Punkin Chunkin’ sounded as crazy as can be, when the notion of spending as much as $200,000 to build a 100-foot-long ‘gun’ designed to fire a pumpkin nearly a mile seemed silly.

“But that was another Ray Tolson, a Ray Tolson who didn’t study air pressure and cloud speed in search of the perfect ‘air shelf’ where an 8- to 10-pound pumpkin could sail perfectly. Who didn’t commission university horticulturists to breed pumpkins that are precisely 9.5 inches in diameter, round and with a thick skin — the perfect projectile.

“Photo Ray Tolson removes a bucket protecting the muzzle of Second Amendment Too.

“Photo Credit: By Margaret Thomas — The Washington Post
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