Using Drupal with

Did you know that you can use digg’s integrated blogging with Drupal’s open source content management system (CMS)? This functionality allows you to post a story directly to your blog without having to repost or copy/paste. WordPress and Drupal use the same blogging API, so set up digg’s blogging configuration as though you were a WordPress user.

1. Navigate to the digg account edit page – (replace username with your own username)
2. In the “blog preferences” frame:
– Select “WordPress” for your “type of blog”.
– For the “blog username”, enter your Drupal user ID.
– For the “blog password”, enter your Drupal password.
– For the “url of blog”, enter the URL of your web site like so – “”. Make sure that you type out the full URL with “http://” or it won’t work.
3. Find a story that you want to highlight in your blog. Click “blog this” on the story, and follow the simple instructions.

Hope you like it. If you do, feel free to digg it.